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The profoundly deaf girl who found her voice after brain surgery
Leia was born profoundly deaf but pioneering surgery and therapy has enabled her to hear sounds.

HIV used to cure 'bubble boy' disease
All eight infants now have fully functioning immune systems after undergoing treatment, say experts.

Pig brains partially revived four hours after death
The study could aid medical research and fuel debate about the difference between life and death.

A rasher of bacon a day 'ups cancer risk'
Eating even small amounts of red or processed meat increases the risk of bowel cancer, study finds.

Breech baby scan 'would save lives'
A scan at 36 weeks could help spot tricky breech deliveries, when a baby's bottom or feet will emerge first.

Measles cases quadruple globally in 2019, says UN
The World Health Organization says the latest figures paint "an alarming picture".

Statins 'don't work well for one in two people'
Fresh research questions the merit of the cholesterol-lowering pills taken by millions of Britons.

Sleep myths 'damaging your health'
US researchers have looked at the most common ones that we may fall for.

Spina bifida womb op baby back home in Essex
Two-week-old Elouise Simpson is home after "foetal repair" surgery following a spina bifida diagnosis.

Ebola outbreak 'not global emergency yet'
World Health Organization says Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo will become an emergency without more support.

Web therapy 'calmed my irritable bowels'
People with irritable bowel syndrome could have fewer symptoms after web-based therapy, research suggests.

Italian police arrest 34 people in 'bone-breaking' scam
A gang allegedly made millions of euros by breaking their victims' limbs and staging accidents.

Call to end ban on producing immune therapy from UK blood
Eight-year-old Megan Steadman's immune system is like that of a newborn without the treatment, her mum says.

Dutch fertility doctor used own sperm to father 49 children, DNA tests show
DNA tests confirm doctor Jan Karbaat used his own sperm to impregnate women at his clinic.

‘Three-person’ baby boy born in Greece
The baby was conceived using an experimental form of IVF that has been criticised by some experts.

'The doctor wrote a question mark for my child's sex'
A child known as Baby A became the subject of a high court case that has prompted Kenya to start changing its approach to intersex children.

'My son killed himself after circumcision'
Why did a young man kill himself two years after being circumcised?

'I helped test a wonder drug - then I was denied it'
When Louise Moorhouse took part in a drug trial she was able to eat normally for the first time in her life.

Is it really worth injecting vitamins?
There is a growing trend for intravenous "vitamin" drips - but what are the risks? And do they even work?

Stoma bags: Bin rules 'can add to house share struggles'
Amber Davies opens up about having to dispose of her stoma bag while living with friends.

Oregon woman lived until 99 with organs in the wrong places
Oregon woman Rose Marie Bentley's condition made her a one in 50 million case, researchers say.

Umbilical cord art - would you do it?
Some mothers are making their baby's umbilical cord into artwork, but are getting mixed reactions.

How we became part of a kidney swap chain
Mandy Murray's husband Graham gave his kidney to someone in Belfast so his wife got a transplant in return.

Measles: How a preventable disease returned from the past
Almost 100 countries have reported an increase in cases, despite it being highly preventable.

'I had my misgivings about going abroad for surgery'
Studies show that a growing number of people are going overseas for medical treatment.

Healthcare: When left-right awareness is crucial
Telling left from right can be tricky for some and this can be a serious problem for medical professionals.

How making bars of soap 'started my life again'
Meet the people behind the soap company that help people with disabilities into the workplace.

Are plants a necessity or a luxury?
A new campaign says we should pay less tax on plants because they are good for the environment and mental health.

London loneliness: Hackney Brocals help men find friends
The group aims to tackle male isolation across London through regular meet ups and trips.

Nottingham midwife saves best friend's life
Aimee Summers recognised the signs of a potentially fatal blood clot and gave emergency first aid.

'My boyfriend's sperm, or a donor's?'
"Emma" says it is unfair that she faces a deadline to choose how to fertilise her frozen eggs.

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