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Initial evidence shows microplastics pose ‘minimal health risk’
The World Health Organization says its findings are based on the "limited information" available.

New drug for people who can bleed uncontrollably
NHS England is funding a new treatment for patients with severe haemophilia A.

High blood pressure in mid-30s may pose risk to brain health
People in their mid-30s need to watch their blood pressure to protect brain health in later life.

Vitamin D: Add 'sunshine vitamin' to flour, study says
One in five UK adults doesn't get enough of the "sunshine vitamin", especially in winter.

Boris Johnson orders action to stop measles spread
A fall in uptake of the MMR vaccine means the UK has lost its measles-free status.

Eduard Pernkopf: The Nazi book of anatomy still used by surgeons
Eduard Pernkopf created an "atlas" of anatomy by dissecting the bodies of Nazi political prisoners.

'Why me? I had ovarian cancer at 14'
Kelliyah thought she was putting on weight - and was shocked to find her condition was much more serious.

Women take legal action over breast implant cancer link
Twenty UK women are taking legal action over a rare type of breast implant-related cancer.

Candida auris: The new superbug on the block
The fungus was only discovered 10 years ago, but is now a problem in hospitals across the world.

Patients who cannot eat food 'fear for lives'
Problems making "liquid nutrition" have led to a national emergency, the NHS says.

'Hundreds' seek private clinics for medical cannabis
Private cannabis clinics have now opened in the UK, charging up to £800 per month for prescriptions.

Lyme disease: Older white women 'at highest risk'
White older women in south-west England appear most likely to contract the disease, a study suggests.

A body donated to science - but used to test bombs
A US centre was sued over its handling of donated bodies. What do we know about the industry?

I gave my DNA away. Can I get it back?
Why are people selling the very core of their identity to private firms?

CBD oil: Have the benefits been overstated?
It's suddenly in everything from coffee to lip balm but does it work?

Parkinson's: 'Playing piano helps me cope with my disease'
Derick Davies has written a song about his experiences to inspire others with the disease.

'My kids would wake up 40 times a night'
A new scheme has helped boost children's sleep by more than two hours a night, the NHS says.

Genetic testing: What secrets could it reveal about you?
Genome sequencing projects around the world are revealing promising new health insights.

Heatwaves and the human body
What impact do high temperatures have on our bodies?

'Why me? I had ovarian cancer at 14'
Kelliyah thought she was simply putting on weight - and was shocked to find her condition was much more serious.

Organ donation: 'My hero, he gave me his liver'
Tom Wilson died after an accident during a hockey match, but his organs and tissues have saved more than 50 people.

Nuneaton man loses 14 stone after refusing surgery
Jason Anderson had high blood pressure and was offered a gastric band but refused.

Hair removal can be a struggle for some trans women but this electrologist can help
Trans women often struggle with hair removal, so Siobhan set up her own clinic in Manchester providing electrolysis - the only form of permanent hair removal.

The lengths Americans go to for cheap medicine
With drug prices soaring in the US, people are travelling to Canada to buy life-saving medication.

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