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Fat-clogged cells explain why obesity can cause cancer
A type of cell the body uses to destroy cancer gets clogged by fat and stops working, findings suggest.

Briton dies from rabies after cat bite in Morocco
The individual was on holiday in Morocco, a country deemed high risk by public health officials.

Call for UK ban on 'grotesquely sugary' freakshakes
Action on Sugar surveyed milkshakes on sale in the UK - one contained 39 teaspoons of sugar.

Dementia risk: Five-minute scan 'can predict cognitive decline'
Scientists hope the test may offer a new way to spot those at risk of dementia, before symptoms show.

Premature baby parents 'need extra maternity leave'
The mum of a premature baby explains why maternity leave is inadequate for parents like her.

Smoking, diabetes increase heart attack risk more in women
High blood pressure, smoking and diabetes increase heart attack risk more in women, a study has found.

'Remarkable' decline in fertility rates
Half of the world's countries now have too few babies being born to maintain their populations.

'I was in excruciating pain from excess iron'
Too much iron in the blood, or haemochromatosis, is a little-known, debilitating condition, often undiagnosed.

Conjoined twins: Bhutanese girls separated in six-hour surgery
The 15-month-old girls from Bhutan are "doing very well", Australian surgeons say.

Suicides among Japanese young people hit 30-year high
The country's education ministry says 250 children took their own lives this year.

‘Morning people’ have lower breast cancer risk
Body clocks affect sleep, mood and general health - now researchers say they may also indicate cancer risks.

Firework packaging should show graphic injuries, doctors say
Plastic surgeons are responding to a doubling in the number of firework injuries since 2010.

Children's screen time has little effect on sleep, says study
An Oxford University study suggests worries about screen time causing a lack of sleep are overblown.

Rachael Bland's husband on how their son has reacted to his mum's death
BBC presenter Rachael Bland's husband reveals moving words of their son, Freddie, after her death.

Fighting heroin addiction: Bobby's story
Bobby was injecting heroin and crack cocaine up to six times a day. He's spoken to the BBC about what made him turn his life around.

A 12-year-old boy with Tourette's Syndrome finds animals stop his tics
Malachi Ralph from Cornwall says he feels calmer when he is around animals as his tics reduce.

Cancer treatment patients get beauty workshops
Beauticians are giving cancer patients free workshops to help with the side effects of treatment.

'I do my school work from my hospital bed'
Ashleigh tells us how she copes with kidney disease

Teenager Chloe Bellerby's 200 mile walk for mental health
Why one teenager walked from Leeds to London to raise awareness of mental health.

Spinal injury garden legacy of boy killed by bear
The mother of a boy killed by a polar bear, has created a garden inspired by his idea.

Motor neurone disease: Joe Hammond's birthday legacy for sons
Joe Hammond has motor neurone disease and is leaving a birthday legacy for his sons after he dies.

Llama blood clue to beating all flu
Scientists design an antibody based on llama blood that is highly effective against flu strains.

Removing items in ears and noses 'costs NHS £3m a year'
Children are behind the vast majority of cases presented at hospitals in England, research finds.

The beautiful islands that could stop killer diseases
This living laboratory could hold the key to controlling malaria and other conditions.

'I was told I'd die if I had a baby'
Babies are being born at the world's first clinic to help woman who have a baby after being heart attack survivors.

What is it like to prevent a suicide?
Gillian Assor was walking her dog when she heard crying and what followed would change multiple lives.

'I call my OCD Olivia'
Catherine Benfield was diagnosed with OCD as a young mum. Creating a character who personifies her condition helped her recovery.

Does sex addiction really exist?
It's a year since movie mogul Harvey Weinstein checked himself into a sex addiction clinic - but does sex addiction really exist?

Veganism: Does it affect your social life?
Adrian Chiles says people don't ask him out for dinner any more - other vegans have their say.

How antibiotic resistance could take us back to the 'dark ages'
There are major concerns that the overuse of the drugs might lead to them becoming ineffective.

'Video games made me a better surgeon'
Rather than impede learning, gaming can improve your manual dexterity and concentration skills, one surgeon says.

'I never knew men could get breast cancer'
Moses Musonga, a 67-year-old Kenyan, got a shock when he was diagnosed with the disease.

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