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Micro Albumin (Quantitative)
Although albumin is the most common plasma protein, only minuscule amounts of albumin are normally excreted in the urine, usually no more than 30 mg/day. Microalbuminuria is used to describe albumin concentrations in the urine that are greater than normal but not detectable with common urine dipstick assays.

Diabetes is the leading cause of end-stage renal disease, characterized by hypertension and a markedly decreased glomerular filtration rate with creatinine levels exceeding 10 mg/dL (884 mmmol/L). Microalbuminuria has been found to predict the occurrence of clinical nephropathy in Type I diabetes and, to a lesser extent, in Type II diabetes. Albuminuria may be an early indicator of treatable diabetic kidney disease. Many studies have indicated that normalization of blood glucose and blood pressure can delay the progression from microalbuminuria to clinical nephropathy. Abnormal albumin excretion is related both to the duration of diabetes and the degree of glycemic control as reflected in the levels of HbA1c.

The excretion of albumin in urine is called 'albuminuria'. It is caused by Glomerular disorders.

Albumin excretion at 20-200 mg/L are indication of a beginning glomerular disorder. This state of disease is called 'microalbuminuria'. In contrast to the following state (macro-albuminuria, albumin excretions: > 200 mg/L) microalbuminuria is not detected by test strips. The earlier microalbuminuria is detected, the earlier therapy can be started. It is important for early diagnosis and monitoring of kidney diseases, e.g. in diabetics.

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